ENDED – Metalworking Equipment Auction of Accurate Machine Products Corporation

February 23, 2017


Wednesday February 22nd or by Appointment 8 AM until 4 PM


Blake Wilson 865.546.3206

Auction Information



Total liquidation of 70-year-old metalworking plant Accurate Machine Products. This very well-maintained equipment includes (8) CNC Machine Centers by Okuma, Daewoo, Marathon, and Enshu, Starrett CMM with Renishaw Probe, (2) Benko 36E4-C-8 Industrial Ovens, (6) Engine & Turret Lathes, (10) Vertical Mills, Grinders, Huge tooling inventory, Quality Control Devices, Cranes, Miller Welders, Fabrication Shop, Stainless and Aluminum Raw Material Inventory and More. CNC Machine Centers
  • Daewoo CNC Turning Center, Mdl Puma 400B, Fanuc Series 18-T Controls, Chip Conveyor, S/N PM351128, (2002)
  • Daewoo CNC Turning Center, Mdl Puma 15, Fanuc Series 16-T Controls, Chip Conveyor, S/N PM150186 (2005)
  • Okuma CNC Turning Center, Mdl LC40, Okuma Controls, Chip Conveyor, S/N 6002.0925
  • Marathon CNC Turning Center Mdl SL500, GE Fanuc Controls, Chip Conveyor, 21-1041, (1994)
  • Marathon CNC Lathe Mdl SL500, GE Fanuc Controls, Chip Conveyor, 21-1043 (1994)
  • Marathon CNC Turning Center Mdl M430B, GE Fanuc Controls, Chip Conveyor, s/n 200/93 (1993)
  • Enshu CNC Vertical Machine Center, Type EV650X, Enshu Controls, 22 Station Tool Changer, S/N 1281
  • Enshu CNC Vertical Machine Center, Type EV650, Enshu Controls, 22 Station Tool Changer, S/N 130 (1996)
  • Hitachi Seiki CNC Machine Center, Mdl VK65, s/n 65007 (1988) (salvage)
Engine & Precision Lathes, Grinders, Mills & Drills
  • Takisowa Engine Lathe Mdl LX-1532, 15" X 32", W/Tailstock, S/N EMA800006H
  • Warner Swassey Turret Lathe No 2-A, S/N 65307 (non-running)
  • Warner Swassey Turret Lathe No 4, W/Mechanical  Bar Feed, S/N G58117S/N 65307
  • Rockford Economy Lathe, Tailstock Chuck, S/N 9538
  • Heidenreich & Harbeck Lathe, Mechanical Tailstock, Center Rest, Index 27" X 10' Bed
  • Clausing Mechanical Lathe, Colchester 17:" X 70"
  • Victor Engine Lathe Mdl 1630, 16" X 30", W/Tailstock, Index Attachment, S/N 45327
  • Wacheon Machinery Co. Ltd Engine Lathe Mdl L-431, 1981, Koren made W/Tailstock, Center Rest, Index Head 65" Bed, S/N 0-8104-10
  • Brown & Sharpe O.D. Grinder IN01173
  • Superior Hone Mdl  SS-2, S/N 5-26-8204
  • Bridgeport Vertical Mill Mdl XL Legend, 2hp, W/Spindle Speed Attachment, Newall Digital Readout
  • Abrasive Machine Tool Co Surface Grinder, Mdl #1 1/2, S/N 2358
  • Thompson Surface Grinder Wet Type 2' X 12" Mag, Plate, 60" Travel, S/N 545271
  • Cincinnati Cutter Grinder No 2, S/N 102t5B258
  • K.O. Lee Precision Grinder Mdl A-600, S/N 1746
  • Ex-Cell-O Pedestal Centering Drill Mdl 74-A, S/N 1971
  • Excell-o Pedestal Grinder
  • Cincinnati Precision Grinder/Morset Mdl M-T, S/N 3152A0174-0030
  • Porter Cable Wet/Dry Belt Grinder Type BG8, S/N 6053
  • Dayton Combo Belt/Disc Sander
  • Bridgeport Vertical Mill , W/Shaping Attachment, 2hp, S/N J101833
  • Bridgeport Vertical Mill Series I, 2hp, Acurite, Digital Controls, S/N 220776
  • Bridgeport Vertical Mill, 2hp, Series I
  • Kearney & Trecker Universal Mill No 2, 3hp, Dahlih Vertical/Horizontal Milling Machine Mdl DL-GH950, 12" X 53" Table, 1998, Heidenhain Digital Controls, S/N 950625
  • Cincinnati Universal Mill, No 4, W/(6) Cabinet & Tooling
  • Avey 4-Head Drilling & Tapping Machine, Mechanical Size 2, S/N A15113-116)
Machine Shop Tooling & Support
  • Bridgeport 15" Rotary Table
  • Moore 12" Rotary Table
  • Tsudakoma Mdl RNCU-201R Rotary Table
  • Greenerd No 4 Arbor Press
  • 18" X 24" Granite Inspection Plate
  • Aloris Tool Post Attachment Mdl CXA
  • 6" Center Chuck, W/Indexing Mount
  • Huge Assortment of Machine Shop Tooling to include: Drills, Angle Plates, Collets, Hold Blocks, Grinding Wheels, Center Rests, Tool Holders, Taps, Dies
  • Machine Shop & Plant Support Equipment to include: (10) Vestil 1 yd. Self Dumping Hoppers w/ 2000lb Capacity, Wire Baskets, Steel Inventory Containers, (2) Presto Die Lifts, (5) Double End Pedestal Grinders, Inspection Tables & Carts, (10) Lumber Carts, (2) Porta-Mist Cooling Fans 48", (4) Barrel Fans, Belt Sanders, Hand-Held Tools and much more...
Metal Fabrication Equipment
  • Hyd Mech Automatic Horizontal Band Saw Mdl 14-A, W/Hydraulic Stabilizer and Conveyor Table, PLC Controls, S/N 50201350 (2002)
  • Hyd Mech Automatic Horizontal Band Saw Mdl H-14, W/Hydraulic Stabilizer and Conveyor Table, PLC Control S/N 50499075 (1999)
  • Chicago Dreis-Krump Hydraulic Brake Mdl 200-F10, 200-Ton, 12', S/N H1309
  • Wysong Hydraulic Shear Mdl 1056, 10' X 1/2, Back Gage, S/N P40130
  • Wysong Iron Worker, 300
  • American Broach & Machine, Hydraulic Press Mdl 4420
  • Pexto 416 Pyramid Roll Mdl416a, S/N 80505
  • Do All Automatic Horizontal Band Saw, Mdl C-8A, W/Conveyor Table, S/N 224-66143
  • Denison Multi Press 6-Ton, S/N C080
  • Denison Multi Press 4-Ton, S/N 276
  • American Pullmax Nibbler, 48" Throat
  • Niagra M & T Mechanical Shear, No 872
  • Park Vertical Band Saw
  • Radiac Cold Saw
  • Famco #2 Arbor Press
  • Marathon DeBurr Wheel Mdl MD250
  • Manual 3' Brake
  • Mechanical Corner Notcher
  • Peck & Stow Pyramid Roll Mdl 3416-G, 14-16 ga Steel, S/N 750417
  • Avey 4-Head Mechanical Drilling &Tapping Machine Type C, S/N MA5507
  • DoAll Vertical Band Saw, W/Blade Welder, 20" Throat Mdl DBW-9 Welder
  • Vertical Band Saw, 30" Throat
  • W.A. Whitney Punch Press Mdl 630-A, 30 Ton, Tooling
  • Dake Hydraulic H Press
  • Jet Pedestal Drill Mdl JDP-17MF
  • Kalamazoo Cold Cut Abrasive Saw
  • Large Quantity of Fab Shop Support Equipment to include: Brake Dies, Weld & Work Tables, Steel Racks,  Lift Tables, Torch Carts, Ladders, Carts, Pedestal Grinders, Drills, tooling, Welding Supplies, Huge T-Slotted Welding Platform, (10) Racks of Stainless, Aluminum and Steel Pipe and Bar Stock Inventory, Assortment of Flat Steel and SS Inventory, Saw Blades, Hand Tools etc.
Welding Equipment & Support
  • (5) Miller Synchrowave 350LX Welders
  • Miller XMT 300 Arc Welder
  • Miller XRA Air Cooled Wire Feed
  • Thermal Dynamics Victor 52 Cutmaster Portable Plasma Cutter w/Cart
  • Handy Mig 5sp, Welder
  • (5) Miller Coolmate 3 Cooler
  • TRW 350 AMP Welder
  • Lincoln AC/DC Arc Welder
  • Cincinnati Spot Welder
  • Cummins 6hp, Vertical Air Compressor
  • Airco Heli Weld Spot Welder
  • (2) All Fab PS-1F-5 Welding Positioner,
  • Jetline ZB-200A Weld Positioner
Parts Finishing Equipment & Air Compressors
  • (2) Sahara Industrial Oven by Benko Mdl 36E4-C8, Electric, W/Chromalux Controls, S/N J124900, J133905
  • (2) Lindberg Treat All Heat Treat Oven
  • Hobart Commercial Dishwasher, W/Conveyor Feeds
  • Universal Non-Destructive Surface Testing Station, Dye Penetrant Type
  • Empire Pro-Finish Parts Blaster Mdl PF-3648, S/N 7837t
  • Custom Parts Blast Cabinet
  • Atlas Copco GAU 30-125 Air Compressor
  • Atlas Copco BNG Air Compressor
  • Gardner Denver G-174 Air Compressor
  • Gardner Denver Air Dryer
  • Champion Mini Air Dryer
  • Sealed Air InstaPack Foam Packing System Mdl 901
Forklifts, Lifting Equipment, and Specialized Support
  • Clark CMP 230L Forklift, 6000LB, LP Gas, 189" Lift, Cushion Tire
  • Gorbel 2000LB Free Standing Crane,  25' Span, 30' Run, Coffing 1-Ton Hoist
  • Gorbel 2000LB Free Standing Crane 25' X 50', W/Coffing 1-Ton, Bracket to Wall
  • Allis Chalmer Forklift, 2000LB, LP Gas, Solid Tire (Non-Running)
  • (3) C & M Wall mount Jib Hoist 1/2-Ton Electric
  • Multi Ton SM20 Electric Straddle Lift
  • (3) Demac Electric Hoist on Jib, 165LB
  • 200KG Electric Jib Hoist, W/Table
  • (3) Pallet Jacks
  • Pennsylvania Mdl 7500 Digital Platform Scale
  • Advance Lifts Production Tools Pallet Muncher
  • Whitman WM-70 Mortar Mixer
Quality Assurance and Measuring Lab
  • Starrett Coordinates Measuring Machine w/Renishaw Mdl PH10T Probe, Mdl HGDC2024-16, S/N B01413
  • Trimo Digital Height Gage, W/5' X 4' Granite Plate
  • Video Jet Laser Marking Machine s/n 0900702C11ZH (2009)
  • Boice Acra-Cord Coordinates Measuring Machine Mdl CL-201, 30" X 48" Plate, S/N XY0480-624
  • Mitutoyo Digital Caliper, 24"
  • Star Industries O-Quad Chek 2000 Mdl 20-3600
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Seekonic TA-300 Calibration Stand
  • Table Top Centering Wood Lathe
  • (3)  Computers w/ 24" Flat screen Monitors/Keyboards
  • Large Assortment of specialized QA tools and gauges to include: Optical Comparator, Rounds, Set Plugs, ID, OD, Calipers, Micrometers, Thread Gages, Torque Wrenches, Pin Gages, Sink Gages, Ring Gages, etc. Up to 6' - 1/4", Specialized Thread Gages and Cabinets
Office Equipment & Furnishings
  • HP Ultrium 920 Server
  • Samsung IDCS 500 Telephone System (10) Station
  • Gestetner Digital Copier s/n 2B18830037
  • Design Jet Blue Print Copier 24"
  • Approximately (12) Computers and Software Utilized throughout business for AutoCAD, CMM, office etc.
  • (5) Offices w/Metal Desk, File Cabinets, Printers, Radios, Chairs, Shelves & miscellaneous
  • (6) Picnic Tables, microwave and refrigerator

12% Buyer's Premium for On-Site Bidders, 17% Buyer's Premium for Online Bidders.
Payments must be made by Cash, Wire Transfer, Cashier’s Check, Company or Personal Check Accompanied by a Bank Letter of Guaranty and is due day of sale.  Mastercard & Visa Accepted but will incur 3% additional premium.  All items sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" and in the condition as inspected with all faults. Removal:  No Removal Until Auction Conclusion.  Removal day of sale until 5pm or 1 hour following the sale, whichever is later. Additional removal Friday Feb. 24th from 8AM - 4PM, Saturday Feb 25th from 8AM - 4PM, and Monday Feb 27th through Wednesday March 1st from 8 AM -4PM.  Additional removal until Friday March 3 by appointment only. Removal is the responsibility of the buyer. All equipment must be removed in accordance with the specific auction timeline and terms of sale set down by Furrow Auction Company and seller. Furrow personnel will be on site to supervise equipment removal, but we do not perform any loading/packing/crating/shipping or rigging services. Rigging Companies in Area: Murphy Crane & Rigging - 423-929-8132 C&C Millwright - 423-306-9004 Rowe Transfer - 865-523-0421  




From Knoxville:

Take I-275 S to merge onto I-40 East toward Asheville.  Go towards Asheville for 33 miles.  Take exit 421 for I-81 N toward Bristol, and continue on I-81 N for 56 miles.  Take exit 57A to merge onto I-26E/US-23 S toward Asheville/Johnson City and continue for 14 miles.  Take exit 23 for TN-91/Market Street and turn right onto E Market Street (TN-91S) for less than a mile.  Turn left onto Colonial Way and continue for less than a mile, then turn right onto E State of Franklin Road.  A little over half a mile down, turn left onto W. Watauga Avenue, then turn right onto W. Walnut street.  500 ft down, the destination is on the right.