ENDED – Absolute Auction for the Estate of Charles Smart

May 20, 2017


Friday May 19th 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM or By Appointment


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Auction Information

auction ended logo Furrow Auction Company is pleased to have been contracted by the Estate of Charles Smart to sell his collection of 19th & 20th Century Military Firearms, Target Rifles and Accessories. Mr. Smart was the face of the Oak Ridge  Sportsman’s Association for many years as well as a distinguished rifleman and competitor. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase unique firearms and pieces of history at Absolute Auction. Absolute Auction of over 100 Antique Military & Competitive Target Firearms. Featuring Competitive Markmanship Program Rifles, Springfield Muskets, Model 1817 Flintlock by R.Johnson/MIDD n Conn, H&R M1 Garand, Auguste Francotte 12 Ga Side x Side, (3) Assorted Anshutz Rifles & Unertl 100mm Team Spotting Scope, Early American Model Musket, Reproduction collection of Muskets & much more.   American Military 19th & 20th Century Firearms
  • USM1 Garand Springfield, Serial Number 5432xxx.  Springfield throughout.  Barrel dated 2/54.  Pin circle behind trigger guard.  Beautiful stock.  Metal color matches.  Nice gun.
  • Model 1812 Musket by Whitney made for state of Connecticut and marked with the State shield on left flat of stock.  Lock marked N. Haven in a scroll.  Raised P cartouche on left side of breech.  42" .69 caliber smooth bore barrel.  Stock has extensive repairs and replaced wood.
  • Model 1812 Springfield Musket Type II, 41-3/4", .69 caliber barrel and marked U.S. as well as V P and eagle head at breech.  Lock marked US/Eagle/Springfield.  Dated 1815.  Butt plate dated 1816.  Stock is sanded and is quite dry, Action is excellent.
  • Model 1819 Hall Breech loading Flintlock Rifle, .52 caliber, 32-5/8" barrel fastened by three barrel bands.  Breech block marked U.S. / S. North / MIDL TN / Conn / 1832.  The letters are obscured and difficult to read due to pitting.  All metal has dark patina with overall light to moderate pitting.  Walnut stock is heavily paginated and appears to have repaired cracks in the breech area.  Cartouche is visible on left of stock at breech.  Flintlock action works quite well.  Top jaw of hammer is a replacement.  Bore is dark.  Appears to have had a coat of varnish added in the past.
  • Greene Breech loading Rifle 0 Made by A.H. Waters, .53 caliber single shot percussion, under hammer bolt action.  Fitted with bayonet marked JDG, (Lt. Col. J. Durrell Greene?)  Missing rear sling swivel.  Wood is good with added  cross hatching beneath rear sight.
  • Model 1817 Flintlock Rifle by R. Johnson/MIDD n Conn. Reconverted to flint and barrel rebrowned.  36" barrel, .54 caliber 7 groove.  Breech is marked M over P.  Butt is unmarked.  Stock is broken completely through at the lock and repaired.  Barrel bands, side plate, patch box cover, trigger guard and butt plate have all been over cleaned.
  • Springfield M1 Garand.  SA marked barrel is dated 6/42.  Serial number on receiver is 689xxx.  Stock is worn but has legible AE on left flat and two different Ps behind the trigger guard.  Bore is good.  Action is excellent.  Complete with bayonet and web sling.
  • Model 1884 Trapdoor Rifle.  Lock marked with eagle and U.S. / Springfield.  Breech block is marked U.S./Model/1884, Serial number 459xxx.  Caliber 45-70.  Face color is very evident on breech.  Lock plate, barrel, trigger guard, butt plate, sling swivels, and hammer retain lots of blue.  Crisp bore, stock is very good with clear cartouche.  Has Buffington Rear sight
  • Early American Military Musket marked Evans/U.S. on back of lock.  No other markings.  44-1/4", 70 caliber smooth bore barrel attached to full length military stock by three bands.  Retained by springs.  Stock has appearance of altered M1795 stock.  Bottom of stock is stamped B.3.17R. Wrist is cracked through.  Very light to moderate pitting overall.  Action functions, has bayonet
  • Model 1861 Rifle Musket Dated 1864 on lock and 1962 on barrel .58 caliber lock marked U.S.  Providence Tool Co., Providence R.I.  Long range leaf on rear sight is missing.  Proper tulip head, swelled tip ram rod.  Butt plate marked U.S. wood has normal storage dings and hasn't been refurbished.  Cartouche is faint but has visible outline.  Proper US marked triangular bayonet
  • Roberts model 1861/1863 conversion of a Trenton contract rifle musket.  Caliber is the .58 Roberts center fire.  Marked Roberts Pat. June 11, 1867 on side of breech.  Action is frozen.  Hammer has half cock only.  Stock is broken all the way around action.  Old patina, No ramrod.
  • Mod. 1903 Springfield Rifle Mark I, Serial Number 7123xxx, 10/19 barrel, date cut for Pederson device.  Metal good.  Stock fair with numerous dings.  Faint cartouche on left stock flat and behind trigger guard.  Stock is sound.  Bore appears to be a little rough but could be improved by cleaning.  Comes with 1922 dated bayonet.
  • Gallager Carbine, .50 caliber percussion.  Breech loader, single shot.  Lock plate is marked, Gallager/Patented July 17th 1860/2081.  This is the earliest marking.  Metal is good overall.  Hammer screw and clean out screw are damaged.  Nipple is battered.  Action is good.  Bore is pitted, wood is very dry and doesn't have any visible cartouches.
  • Model 1795 U.S. Musket.  Contract of 1808.  This one is manufactured by Waters and Whitmore of Sutton, Mass.  Lock is marked 1809 before hammer and Sutton afterword.  Lock and barrel are reconverted from percussion.  All metal parts are heavily cleaned and the breech of the barrel is heavily pitted.  Stock has been sanded.  Action doesn't have half cock.  Comes with mismatched bayonet.
  • Model 1903 MK1 Springfield, cut for Pederson device, 30-06, Serial Number 1040xxx, Barrel dated 11/18, 1943 rebuild.  GAW cartouche.  Excellent bore and action
  • Model 1841 Hall breech loading percussion rifle.  Breech block marked H. Ferry / US / 1841.  Letters are difficult to read due to heavy pitting.  .52 caliber.  Fishtail release for the breech block.  32-5/8" barrel fastened by three bands.  All metal is pitted, ranging from moderate to heavy, wood stock has been heavily cleaned.  Two cartouches are visible but are suspect.  Bore is dark.  Action works well.
  • Model 1855 Rifle by E. Whitney/N. Haven and dated 1858 on lock.  VP and eagle head is visible on left barrel flat but top flat is too pitted to determine date.  .58 caliber.  Contains Maynard tape priming system but is missing the working parts.  Metal appears to be mismatched in patina.  Stock is well worn but outlines of cartouche are visible.  Contains tulip head swollen tip ramrod and U.S. triangular bayonet.
  • Model 1903 A1 Rifle.  Breech marked U.S./Springfield/Armory/Model 1903, Serial Number 1464xxx, Barrel marked 5-33.  Stock is worn but many letters and numerals are visible on the stock.  Action is excellent and bore is clean
  • U.S. Model 1819 Hall Rifle by Harpers Ferry.  Breech marked J.H. Hall/H. Ferry/U.S./ 1831.  32-5/8" barrel, is .54 caliber.  Stock is dry and damaged, missing wood behind the breech.  Metal has overall pitting with some spots heavy.
  • Samuel Moore fowling piece with 38-1/2", .72 caliber, round, smoothbore barrel.  Flintlock action.  Stock with excellent patina.  Brass butt plate, trigger guard, and close cap.
  • Late Model 1816 U.S. Military Musket by J.W. White Tang dated 1838.  Barrel marked US over EB over P.  Lock marked J.W. White.  Date has been removed from rear of lock.  Butt plate is unmarked missing front sling swivel.  Lock has appearance of reconversion but just can't be sure.
  • Model 1868 U.S. Springfield Rifle, .50 caliber center fire.  32-1/2" barrel, secured by two barrel bands.  Lock plate marked U.S. / Springfield and 1863 behind hammer.  Serial number 1528 on barrel and receiver.  Proper rear sight and cleaning rod.  Stock has numerous dings, two cracks, and two areas of apparent wood filler.  A coat of varnish has been added.  Cartouche is visible.  Bore is bright, good action.
  • Smith Corona 1903-A3, Sold by CPM.  30-06 Bolt action, Serial # 3685xxx, SC barrel dated 4/43.  Bore and action are excellent, wood is refurbished.  Circle P is very faint behind trigger guard.  Three 2s are stamped deeply in front of magazine floor.
  • Model 1833 Hall-North Carbine, .52 Caliber smoothbore, has internal mounted sliding ramrod.  Barrel is 26-3/16" long.  Action is good.  All metal has overall moderate pitting.  Butt plate is a replacement.  Stock is repaired and pieced together.  It also has been heavily cleaned.
  • Remington Rolling block conversion of a Civil War Musket. Tang marked "Remington's Ilson, NY. U.S.A./Pat. May 30, Nov. 15th 1864, April 17th 1866.  Barrel is 39" long and fastened by 3 bands.  Caliber is .58 center fire. Butt plate marked U.S. two leaf rear sight.  Action and bore are both good.  Wood is worn but sound metal has deep patina and is pitted overall.
  • Model 1814 U.S. Flintlock by R. Johnson Middletown.  Reconverted to flint.  Half octagon half round barrel cut to 33 1/4", Rear sight missing.  All metal is heavily pitted.  Stock is dry and has numerous dings and chips.  Bore now measures .69 caliber
  • Model 1866 Allin Conversion, 50 caliber CF, 32" barrel, 35-1/2" to face of breech.  Two bands.  Springfield lock dated 1864, Butt plate marked U.S., heavily cleaned, walnut stock without any markings, bore good, good action.
  • Model 1841 Rifle by E. Whitney/U.S. and N. Haven/1851.  Repair work on breach end of barrel has erased date.  Left has inspector mark, proof, and NJ (New Jersey) ownership mark.  Original .54 caliber rifled bore has been bored out to a .69 caliber smooth bore.  Front sight is missing.  Trigger guard tang is broken.  Lock plate has hole drilled through it, stock is well worn but appears sound.
  • Made up Spencer Rifle featuring a carbine receiver married to a barrel 3" too short to be factory.  Receiver, lock plate, hammer, and butt have all been case hardened.  Barrel has six grove rifling.  Stabler cut off is part of the receiver.  Barrel is unmarked.
  • Model 1816 Harpers Ferry Musket, .69 caliber, Barrel is 41" long, (shortened by 1"), Reconverted from percussion.  Current built from parts.
  • Special Model 1861, .58 caliber lock marked U.S./L.G.&Y./Windsor Vj, dated 1864.  All metal buffed bright except rear sight and barrel bands which are blued.  Stock has split at wrist.  Cartouches visible, action is good, bolster has eagle ground off.
  • Model 1863 Rifle Musket Type 1.  Lock plate marked E. Robinson and dated 1863.  This rifle generally follows the description of the 1863 Type 1, but the fit of lock plate to barrel is very suspect. Stock is refinished but still has inspector cartouche.  Action is sound.  Two leaf rear sight.
  • Model 1803 Harpers Ferry dated 1803.  Barrel measures 33-1/2".  Bore is now 60 caliber.  Brass top steel ramrod.  Stock is suspect and measures 28-1/2".  Frizzen repaired.  Action is weak.
  • Sporting fowler made with an American Military barrel and a London lock.  69 caliber Flintlock.  Lock action is weak.  Stock has good patina.  Some slivers missing along the barrel channel.
  • Model 1816 Springfield Musket dated 1838 on the lock.  No date on barrel.  Reconverted to flint.  All metal has been cleaned.  The stock has been sanded and had wood filler used in one spot.  The barrel has multiple dings.
  • Colt Special Model 1861 Rifle Musket.  This gun is made up of parts.  There is a good Colt lock plate with hammer and dated 1864.  The barrel is cut and so is the stock.  Three banks.  The action functions well.
  • Flintlock Cavalry Carbine of contemporary construction.  Action is good.  Wood is sound, has European proofs on barrel.  Sling bar and ring.  Obvious evidence of a rebuild.  Unsafe to shoot.
  • Put together Model 1855 Rifle.  Barrel doesn't match lock and is cut down.  Lock is real but poor condition.  Barrel bands are wrong stock is cut.  Wood and metal fit is poor.  Wall hanger only.
  • Carbine made of parts featuring a lock from a Model 1855 and marked Remington, a barrel from a .69 caliber musket as well as the stock which is reduced in length.  The front barrel band is cut in half and tension fitted to the end of the barrel.
19th & 20th Century European Military Firearms
  • British Fusil, .69 caliber flintlock marked with the crown/w. Ketland & Co. on the lock plate.  Barrel is 39-3/4" and appears to be Birmingham proofed.  Stock is sound but for one small crack on either side of barrel at the breech.  Complete with bayonet.
  • French Charleville Style Musket.  Lock markings are indistinct but seem to be St. Etiznne.  45" smoothbore barrel is .69 caliber.  Flint lock action appears to be a rebuild and is probably a reconversion.  The tang has a repair and the breech of the barrel is too pitted to reveal markings.  The stock and retaining bands show poor workmanship and is probably a replacement.
  • Model 1896 Krag Jorgensen, 30-40 caliber, Serial Number 83xxx, stock has been sanded.  No cartouche on left side.  Metal is gun metal gray.  Bore is dirty and has some pitting, Action is good.
  • European (probably English) flintlock cavalry carbine in .75 caliber. Reconverted to flint.  Metal is pitted obscuring lock and barrel marks.  Does have what appears to be a Queen Victoria proof mark.  Action works, wood sound, good wall hanger
Antique Reproduction Muskets
  • 1816 Flintlock Musket by Pedersoli Italy.  As new with bayonet
  • 1842 Musket by Armi Sports Italy.  As new with bayonet
  • 1861 Rifle Musket by Armi Sport Italy.  As new with bayonet and sling
  • 1855 Rifle Musket by Arm's Sports Italy.  As new with bayonet
  • 1863 Zowave by Zoli Italy, As new with saber bayonet
  • Dixie gun work reproduction of a Brown Bess Musket.  Gun is used but very presentable, comes with bayonet
  • 1803 Rifle by Zoli Italy.  As new
  • Reproduction Charleville Musket.  Good wall hanger
  • Reproduction Model 1795 US Musket.  Poor Condition
Team Spotting Scope
  • Unertl 100mm team spotting scope.  Complete with tripod and 15x, 24x, and 32x eye pieces.  Packed in original case.
Competive and Everyday Target Rifles
  • U.S. MID 30/06, Serial Number 573xxx.  CMP purchase.  New in box and still sealed.  Has M84 scope and accessories
  • US Mid 30/06 #105XXXX.  CMP sold new in box with M84 scope #25XXX, and accessories
  • Model 70 target with 24" heavy barrel, is 30-06.  Barrel is flat, with no crown.  Bore is bright.  Adjustable Sure Grip butt plate.  Faint signs of electric pencil "U.S. Property" on front left side of breech.  Stock is sound.  Action is excellent, rear sling swivel is missing.
  • Winchester Model 70 chambered is .243 Winchester, Serial # 503xxx, 26" heavy barrel.  Redfield 4x12 AO Scope.  Stock is in good shape.  Bore needs cleaning but appears to be fine.  Action is excellent.  Scope lens needs cleaning
  • Springfield M1 Garand National Match.  Type 2, as new from CMP.  Proper NM markings
  • Winchester Model 52D, .22 LR, Bolt action, Heavy barrel.  Redfield Olympic front and rear sights.  Receiver marked U.S. with electric pencil.  Serial # 118xxxD, Excellent condition
  • Winchester Model 70 built by C.O. Audette and so marked on the 30-06 stainless steel barrel.  Topped by 81A, a 16 power Unertal scope with A.O.  Fine cross hairs have hints of dirt/mold on them. Gun Only $700-800. Scope Only $400-500
  • HRAM1 Garand, #5647xxx, CMP correct Grade.  Has bayonet.  Wood has minor nicks, metal is very nice.
  • H & R M1 Garand from CMP, new in box. Serial # 5755xxx, Springfield barrel dated '53.
  • Springfield M1A built by Frank Smith c 1985, .308 caliber, Serial number 28xxx, overall condition is good.  Some residue remains on bottom of forearm from an unknown attachment.
  • Remington 4DX, 7mm FBI, sleeved match rifle by Bill Baker, 1989.  Stainless Steel barrel, McMillan stock with Weaver T-25 scope.
  • Remington 40XB, 30-06 with heavy stainless steel barrel.  Serial number 444xxB, As new condition.  No sights
  • Winchester Model 70, 30-06 built by Lawrence Moore as a prone rifle using a 28-1/2 fluted stainless steel barrel, Serial number 367xxx.  Bolt and receiver match.  Stock and action are excellent.
  • Mauser M3000L, 30-06, Serial Number 88934.  Custom left hand match Rifle built by Lawrence Moore.  Excellent Condition
  • Winchester Model 70, 30-06, standard with 24" barrel.  Metal butt plate.  Excellent metal.  Action is excellent.  Bore is bright and clean.  Stock has scattered minor nicks and dings.
  • Remington Model 40XB, .308 Krieger barrel, Adjustable Stock, Serial Number 35xxxB, Adjustable trigger.  Heavy Stainless steel barrel, Used
  • Winchester Model 70, .243 Caliber, Serial Number 365xxx.  Heavy barrel.  Target stock.  Excellent condition
  • Remington 700 Heavy barrel 6mm. Single Shot (No Scope) Target Stock.  Excellent action.  Good Wood (NOTE: No Scope)
  • Winchester Model 52B, .22 LR, Serial # 74xxx, custom left-hand stock with adjustable butt plate.  Heavy barrel, no sights, Bore is bright and clear.
  • Schultz & Larsen 6.5 x 57, owned by Lawrence Moore.  Left hand face rifle, excellent condition
  • Whitworth 30/06, marked Interarms, Prone Rifle built by Lawrence Moore.  Has a 28-1/2" fluted stainless steel barrel.  Excellent condition, No sights.
  • Remington 40XB, 30/338, Single shot match rifle with Weaver T16 scope, Adjustable stock has seen use but is in good condition.  Serial number 36xxxB.
  • Remington Model 40XB, Chambered for 6.05-08 Adjustable stock, Serial Number 32xxxB, Adjustable trigger.  Heavy Stainless steel barrel.  Used
  • Model 70 featherweight. #512xxx, .270 caliber 22" barrel with hooded front sight and a 2-1/2 x 8 power weaver scope.  Still has flip up barrel rear sight.  Stock has been cleaned and feels dry.  Butt plate is plastic. Bore needs good cleaning.
  • Sporterized Springfield 30-06 with 19" barrel. Bishop stock with LH check piece.  Bore is bright.  Action is good.  Weaver classic 300 scope.
  • Marlin M99M1, .22 caliber semi-auto carbine with 4x Redfield scope.  Needs a good cleaning
Anschutz Competitive Target Rifles
  • Anschutz Model Match 54, Left hand adjustable stock, .22 caliber right hand bolt action.  Redfield International Rear sight.  Slight wear overall.  Excellent rifle.
  • Anschutz Match Model 1807L, Caliber .22LR, Classic 1807 with adjustable check and butt.  Anschatz rear sight.  Unmarked front sight.  Excellent condition but needs some cleaning.
  • Anschutz - Model Match 54, .22LR, Serial Number 07xxx. Right hand thumb hole stock missing adjustable butt.
  • Anschutz - Model Match 54, .22LR, Serial Number 12xxx.  Right hand thumb hole stock.  Adjustable butt plate.  Replaced barrel (unmarked), heavily used
Antique Shotguns and Combo
  • Auguste Francotte 12 ga. SxS shotgun. E grade with 26" Damascus barrels. Barrels are marked Von Lengerke & Detmold New York. 2 3/4 inch chambers. Chokes appear to be full and modified.L.O.P. 13"
  • Metcalf over/under shotgun/rifle with twin side hammers.  Approx.  .38 caliber rifle over approx. 20 gauge shotgun.  Two ramrods, single trigger.  293/4" barrels.  Plain stock with small brass patch box, iron butt plate and trigger guard.  There is evidence of solder repair to the ramrod thimbles and one hammer has a piece broken off the tip.  Lock marked J.P. Metcalf.  Wall hanger
  • Ranger 12 ga. Pump shotgun. 28" blue barrel is fairly bright but needs cleaning.  Magazine and receiver are nickeled.  Higgins marked pad.  Action is functional
  • U.S. M1911A1, 45 ACP, Serial Number 916xxx.  Accurized with national match bushing.  Triangle adjustable rear sight.  Excellent condition
Current Military Rifles
  • Colt Sporter Match HBAR.  USAMLL Stainless Steel.  Target barrel.  Front and rear sight covers.  Krieger trigger.  Pre-ban gun
  • Armalite AR-10T, .308 with a Weaver T 16 scope.  Excellent condition throughout.
  • Bushmaster XM-15 NIB, Serial # L211xxx, as sold by DCM/CMP.  Complete with papers and shipping box.  .223 Caliber
  • Bushmaster Model XM-15-#2s, Serial number L180xxx.  NRA match rifle with Paramount tracker sights, .223 caliber
  • Bushmaster XM-15, .223 Caliber, Serial Number L106xxx, National Match, Stainless Steel Floated barrel, Jewell Trigger.
  • Colt AR-15, .223 Caliber, Serial Number PMH 003xxx, Match Target H Bar
  • AR-15 (Model ST-15) by Spikes Tactical.  Has bayonet and sling.  Excellent condition.
Antique Bayonets, Sabers and Miscellaneous
  • D guard hilt saber with bone grip.  30" slightly curved blade.  Grip and blade show good patina.  Leather throat still present.  No scabbard and no markings.
  • Triangular US Marked bayonet purported to fit Model 1836 U.S. Musket.  Marked A over US.  Heavily pitted.  Socket slightly mashed
  • American triangular bayonet marked U over US.  Should fit Model 1816 - 1836 American Military flintlock.
  • Large Assortment of history books, shooting jackets, price guides, military miscelleonous and more

15% Buyer's Premium On-Site, 20% Buyer's Premium for Online Bidders.
Payments must be made by Cash, Wire Transfer, Cashier’s Check, Company or Personal Check Accompanied by a Bank Letter of Guaranty and is due day of sale.  Mastercard & Visa Accepted but will incur 3% additional premium.  All items sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" and in the condition as inspected with all faults.   All FFL Firearms will be subject to Firearms check by Gunny's at $10.00 per person requiring a valid TN ID for in State Buyers.  Out of State and Internet bidders transfer and shipping will be made from FFL to FFL dealer.  Shipping will be at the cost of the buyer and any additional cost of FFL transfer.  This only applies to Lots 53 - 77 and Lots 79 - 101. All other firearms will require a valid ID.  


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